Use your Educational Keys to Unlock the GMAT

A lot of people applying to business school are worried about the GMAT, especially those retaking the exam after underestimating it. Yes, the GMAT is comprised of high school math and what seems to be simple verbal problems; however, it is far from an easy feat to conquer without proper preparation. The reality is that most people are unfamiliar with the GMAT, and it’s method of testing business school candidates.

Read the EdKeys that we’ve provided below!

Overall GMAT Advice
  • Know if you decide to take a prep course, EdKeys recommends 1 or 2. (Avoid Kaplan / Princeton Review etc.)
  • The GMAC resources (OFG, Math / Verbal Supplement) provide the best sample questions, so complete those before completing outside resources’ test bank questions. (More advanced students can skip the first 100Qs in each section)
  • Do not read the OFG math explanations, use Jeff Sackman’s or Manhattan Review’s math supplements
  • Take the practice tests included with the Gmat cd multiple times. Google the questions you get wrong for the answers
  • Do not tell people the date you’re registered to take the exam, it adds extra anxiety to your testing experience
  • Get into the habit of taking practice tests around the same time you plan to take the real test (Practice like you play)
  • Regardless of what test prep you use, leverage
  • Just because you study X hours doesn’t mean anything. Study concepts, identify weaknesses and download (this BTG) spreadsheet to monitor progress and categorize each problem
  • Understand this test does not measure smartness, it measure your ability to recognize patterns. You must be mentally tough and committed to not falling into a stereotype threat
Sentence Correction 
  • Before you complete other material, complete the OFG (Skip 1st 100 Qs)
  • Learn to recognize the wrong answers just as fast as you recognize the right answers
  • 1000 Sentence Correction (This isn’t for everyone. You have to be comfortable with this style)
  • Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Guide (Our team had mixed reviews on this, but some swear by it)
Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension
Overall Math Advice
If you don’t commit the following to memory, you’re cheating yourself, b/c you’ll waste valuable time. Write out the cheat sheet below each day before beginning your math preparation
  • Powers of 2 up to 9, (1, 2, 4, 8,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512)
  • Squares of each number up to 20, (1…144, 169, 196…400 etc.)
  • Decimal conversion of fractions: 1/6, 1/7, 1/9, 5/8, 6/7 (the others you should already know)
  • The decimal form of the square root of 2 and 3
  • Secret rules of 0 and 1, (raising a power to the 0 power, 0 is a nonnegative number, etc.)
  • O*E, O*O, E+E, E+O, (odds and evens)
  • Each prime number under 25, (2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19, 23)
  • Recognize numbers in their base form, ex. 1 – 10 (1, 2, 3, 2^2, 5, 2*3, 7, 2^3, 3^2, 2*5)
  • Always simplify, the GMAT is high school math. The second you have huge numbers, the second you should realize you forgot to simplify
  • Simple geometry
Data Sufficiency 
  • Rewrite the question stem
  • If it seems too easy to be true, it probably is

As you can see, EdKeys experts have a lot of great advice that we share with both, our clients and followers. Our team of consultants have each scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the GMAT within the last 3 years. We help our clients improve their scores at a fraction of the industry standard costs. Our commitment is seen in the 100% satisfaction guarantee we offer our clients. We provide the keys needed to unlock your great mind. Once done, you’ll crack the GMAT!

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