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Unlock your potential, starting today.

  1. Learn how you, too, can win nearly $500,000 in scholarships – whether online or on the go.
  2. Crack the code to competitive college and graduate school admission.
  3. Get the insider’s guide you need to land the job and career of your dreams.


Built for students.  Loved by teachers.

  1. Assign modules for students to complete – whether online or on the go.
  2. Students can quiz themselves, upload content, and track progress on key scholarship, college, and career indicators.
  3. Educational Keys is free and secure.  It takes only four minutes to integrate it into your curriculum.
  4. From teaching tools to downloads to assist your students, you’ll find it all here.


Evidence-based & research-driven scholarship, college preparatory and career instruction.

  1. We can enroll entire classes of students – for free – in roughly four minutes.
  2. This is not a group purchase, fee-for-license product.  It’s a free service designed to prepare your scholars to succeed in competitive scholarship, admissions, and career cycles.
  3. We provide your staff with skills and resources to help them become more effective mentors and advocates.
  4. We begin exposure to college starting in the 6th grade and offer grade-specific scholarship instruction throughout high school in our scholarship module.
  5. We emphasize critical thinking and character building skills necessary for success in a 21st century economy.
  6. In addition to our student and educator courses, we offer seminars & trainings, motivational speaking, books, and consulting services.

Let us inspire you.

Marvis Burns is one of the nation’s premiere authorities on scholarships and higher education – having applied for and secured nearly $500,000 for his own undergraduate studies.

A coach, motivational speaker, and founder of Educational Keys, this Detroit native and current Wharton Business School student reaches thousands of students, educational professionals, and parents across the country in talks, interviews, and conferences each year.

Bring him to your school, conference, media outlet, seminar, training, or classroom to inspire your efforts, today.

If it’s broke, put a key in it.

Educational Keys provides workshops for students, parents, teachers, and other educators that discuss the intricacies of winning scholarships.

The workshops typically span an hour to a half-day. Let us walk you through the steps of putting together an effective scholarship application.

Though there are a lot of scholarships, students continuously fall short, because they haven’t unlocked the code. We have interactive workshops that will equip students with the needed information on what it takes to put together a winning application.  

Let us help you reach the indicators you want.

Our scholarship, admissions, and career curricula can help you build critical thinking and character skills necessary for success in a 21st century economy.

Work with our staff to design research-driven and results-oriented programs that respond to your school- and system-specific needs.

Close the gap between vision and reality.  Bridge theory and practice.  And, work with Educational Keys to unlock the great minds in your care.

We deliver results.


Winning money for school can really be more of a science than an art.

Let our trusted, highly qualified experts guide you.

Work with our expert scholarship winners to ensure that you’re building your most compelling application for scholarship funds.

Do you know that millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed each year?  Don’t leave your money on the table.  Work with our staff of expert scholarship winners to get prepared for the search, identify scholarships you’re most likely to win, and learn the craft of building a competitive application.

Learn today how our Educational Keys experts can work passionately with you and your behalf towards your scholarship goals.


College and graduate school admissions are now more competitive than ever.

Work with our college and graduate school admission efforts to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Learn to get organized; write effective essays; build a better resume; ace your standardized tests; prepare for a stellar interview and get into the school you want.

Contact us today so that we may begin to work one-on-one with you to help you reach your educational goals.


Let our trusted experts give you that edge to the job – and career – that you want.

Looking for a new career?  In a career transition – or, unhappy with your current placement?  We can help you achieve your career goals with individualized career advising.

Our clients get the best opportunities.

Contact us today so that we may begin to work one-on-one with you to help you reach your career goals.