Detroit-native writes book on how to score scholarships

Published On: Jul 24 2012 03:02:27 PM EDT Updated On: Jul 24 2012 05:59:15 PM EDT DETROIT – Paying for college or student loan debt is a struggle for most families. And it’s usually the No. 1 reason most don’t even go to college. But a Detroit man who managed to score $500,000 in scholarships is now […]

Use your Educational Keys to Unlock the GMAT

A lot of people applying to business school are worried about the GMAT, especially those retaking the exam after underestimating it. Yes, the GMAT is comprised of high school math and what seems to be simple verbal problems; however, it is far from an easy feat to conquer without proper preparation. The reality is that most […]

Applying for a College Scholarship, No Walk in the Park

Scholarships are generally divided into different categories. The most common categories include: academic merit, financial status, demographic profile and field of study. A student can check with his/her guidance counselor for information on potential scholarships. The alumni office, Google, library, church, employer, and twitter are also great starting places to search for scholarships. If leveraged correctly,  the […]