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Unlock your potential today.

  • Learn how you, too, can win nearly $500,000 in scholarships – whether online or on the go.
  • Crack the code to competitive college and graduate school admissions.
  • Get the insider’s guide you need to land the career of your dreams.

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Built for students.  Loved by teachers.

  • Assign modules for students to complete – whether online or on the go.
  • Students can quiz themselves, upload content, and track progress on key scholarship, college, and career indicators.
  • Educational Keys is free and secure.  It takes only four minutes to integrate it into your curriculum.
  • From teaching tools to downloads to assist your students, you’ll find it all here.

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Evidence-based & research-driven scholarship, college preparatory and career instruction.

  • We can enroll entire classes of students – for free – in roughly four minutes.
  • This is not a group purchase, fee-for-license product.  It’s a free service designed to prepare your scholars to succeed in competitive scholarship, admissions, and career cycles.
  • We provide your staff with skills and resources to help them become more effective mentors and advocates.
  • We begin exposure to college starting in the 6th grade and offer grade-specific scholarship instruction throughout high school in our scholarship module.
  • We emphasize critical thinking and character building skills necessary for success in a 21st century economy.
  • In addition to our student and educator courses, we offer seminars & trainings, motivational speaking, books, and consulting services.

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