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Here at Educational Keys, if you have a question, we have an answer – and, would love to hear from you!  Whether you’re just getting started, or are an EK veteran, connect with us via the contact form on the right.

Why do I have to sign up to use the site?

Signing up grants you access to all that Educational Keys has to offer. It allows us to keep in contact with you, keep tabs on your progress, assist when needed, and help you to accomplish your educational and career-related goals.

What do you do with the information you have about me?

Educational Keys keeps your data for your own use. We do not share, sell, or offer your data to any outside providers. We use information we gather about you to advance – and, when applicable, inform your teachers, mentors, and school – about your progress.

How much time should I spend on scholarship applications?

You should spend as much time as necessary to prove that you are the most deserving candidate for a scholarship. Plan on spending 10-15 hours working to create an effective 1) personal statement, 2) resume, 3) (in some cases) cover letter.

How much time should I spend on test preparation?

We at Educational Keys wholeheartedly believe that tests, while important, are just one part of any scholarship and college application. How you spend your time in and outside of the classroom – in sports, in extracurricular, volunteer, and leadership activities – are just as, if not more, important to a committee considering your candidacy. That being said, tests are still important. We generally recommend 20-30 dedicated hours for effective test preparation. Use our tutorials for specific tips to get you ready for the big day.

How much time in advance should I request a letter of recommendation from my teacher or counselor?

Writing a strong letter of recommendation takes time. Give your teacher or counselor as advanced notice – but no less than 3 weeks out from the scholarship deadline – as possible. It shows that you’re professional, considerate, and serious enough to give him/her the time they need to write you a strong letter. Visit the Scholarship and College tutorials for all of the specifics on letter of recommendation etiquette.

How can I get more individualized instruction?

Our experts are happy to work one-on-one with you to provide practical, results-driven solutions that will help you reach your scholarship, admissions, and career goals. Let us know to get started on your consultation today.

How can I enroll my entire class in the Educational Keys suite?

Educational Keys is designed with teachers in mind!  We are happy to work with educators to ensure student success.  To enroll your class, send us a brief message via the form on the right – we’ll create a free and personalized account for each student on your roster.

How can I place a bulk book order?

Contact us via the form on the right, and someone will reply to assist you.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Of course! Become a part of our mailing list for exclusive access to product and services sales and offer codes. Educators, schools, and school system administrators are also eligible to receive discounts for bulk orders. Contact us via the form on the right, and someone will reply to assist you.

How can I partner with Educational Keys?

Educational Keys partners with a select few product and service providers to deliver educational and career results to our clients. If you are interested in partnering with Educational Keys, please send a cover letter that clearly communicates 1) the initiative or organization, and 2) a description of services promised, and 3) evidence or data supporting an Educational Keys affiliation to

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