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We deliver success.

Educational Keys is the education consulting firm the world’s best students, educators, and schools come to when they want proven results, and a partner who is as committed to their future as they are.

Together, we are vested in each other’s success, seeking to best position candidates to obtain the tools, education, and results they most desire. We only partner with a select number of individuals to maintain our integrity and satisfaction guarantee. We work with enthusiasm and unparalleled passion to ensure our clients happiness.


We empower our clients to succeed.

Educational Keys works with unparalleled passion and commitment to equip our students, educators, and schools with the high-quality tools they need to achieve educational success.


With our help, students will learn to 1) get prepared and be organized, 2) build a competitive application, and 3) get into college, graduate school, and a career – with little to no debt burden. 


With our tools, educators will learn specific skills needed to 1) be more effective mentors, 2) advance their students’ progress and students’ educational goals – inside and outside of the classroom.


We work closely with schools and educational professionals to provide research-based programs, services and materials that advance 1) student scholarship, 2) college and 3) career readiness and success.


We provide high-quality products & services.

The Educational Keys approach focuses on building skills to tackle:


  • Education on finding and locating scholarships
  • Scholarship search to assist students in finding scholarships
  • Understanding federal financial aid
  • Resume and personal essay lab
  • Samples of effective and ineffective responses
  • Interview practice

College and Graduate School

  • College search and match tool
  • Personalized application calendars and checklist
  • Securing fee-waivers
  • Writing a personal statement
  • Getting great recommendations


  • Setting achievable job goals
  • Building a great resume and cover letter
  • Crafting a competitive job application
  • Giving a stellar interview
  • Following post-interview protocol
  • Tips for succeeding on the job


Meet Marvis Burns.

A coach, mentor, and motivational speaker, Marvis Burns has helped countless students across a diverse range of personal, academic, and financial backgrounds to reach their educational goals.  A graduate of Cornell University, and current student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Marvis’s own educational journey inspired him to create, launch, and manage Educational Keys.  He financed his entire undergraduate program with 0 loans and $0 of out of pocket expenses after applying to 72 scholarships and winning approximately $500,000.

As Founder, Marvis is responsible for driving systems that are vital to the day-to-day operations of Educational Keys.  In his role, Marvis manages the development and implementation of key policies, programs, and procedures that, in turn, advance Educational Key’s strategic goals, consulting, staff recruitment, student-staff relationships and contracts.



Join Our Team

Educational Keys is a company with the mission of enabling the world’s best students, schools, and professionals to achieve educational and career success.  Through our suite of research-driven products, services, and consulting, we work with every client to deliver high-quality results.

We are currently seeking to fill mission critical roles with individuals who are committed to helping our clients reach their educational and professional potential. To learn more, please click here.


“I chose to work with the consultants from Educational Keys, because it was clear from my free consultation that they could provide me [with] an individualized framework for getting into business school. Not only did I get into my number 1 choice, I leveraged their expertise at a fraction of the cost of other consultants.”

James Souffrant, Kellogg School of Management ’14

“I thank you so much for your book. I have just completed it and it is awesome. I wish we had this information last year when my son first started doing essays for scholarships. What a lot of helpful information for the current scholarships that he is working on. This vital information is so much needed. Myself along with other parents are pulling our hair out daily trying to keep our children encouraged and to push them to hunt for scholarships  It has been a headache for me, but your guided approach has been extremely helpful for us. I can see him at times being discouraged, but that’s why you suggested he build a board of directors to uplift his spirits. Thank you so much!!!”

Jordan and Ms. Brooks

“Marvis connects with the students and parents by getting directly to the things that matter most. One of our students acted on the advice provided by Marvis and received more financial aid from the College. Also, [his] presentation was helpful with writing better letters of recommendation. Quantifying information is a tremendous plus for our students. Thank you Marvis for all that you do.”

Andrea Craig, Chandler Park Academy High School